Aldente' White Dorper was established in 2008 when we purchased our property at Blayney NSW. This property at 1000 metres above sea level, receives 35 inches a year, allows high stocking rates.

Aldente' White Dorper run at a 4 DSE on a Phalaris and Cocksfoot pasture base. Our use of white dorper as a meat sheep enterprise has evolved over the past 9 years, to a point where we can now offer interested buyers quality cast for age and maiden ewes. Some flock rams and cast for age registerable rams are also available at certain times, on request.

Aldente' White Dorper purchased Gossamer Downs ewes as a base to breed from, joining them to quality white dorper rams from registered breeders such as Matchless, Eagle Hawk and Highveld.

Aldente' White Dorper focus on well muscled, clean shedding ewes, able to turn off lambs of 22-25kg carcass weights in 6 months without supplementary feeding.Located in the Central Tablelands of NSW, we are well placed to Blayney near Orange & Bathurst.
Many lifestyle property owners can now access quality white dorper genetics without the need to travel to  western NSW or interstate.
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